we use fresh ingredients.
why is that?

This style of Pizza is a Flat-Pan Style with Campana Family Pizza Sauce, Cheese and toppings on top of the CHEESE!!! Our Cheese is our own very exotic blend of 5 Cheeses that provides a creaminess, Chewiness and Savory flavor that is so good but so different than American Style Pies!!! Zala’ Pizza is the home of the invisible crust meaning we take our toppings to the edges!!! We are also the home of the Tomato Pie. The Tomato Pie is a no Cheese Pizza Pie That has just Campana Family Pizza Sauce, Parmesan cheese and cracked pepper no melted cheese!!! “THE BEST”


who we are

ZALA is a Pizza company that’s wants to bring the tradition of Pizza back!!! Real Homemade Italian Pizza that was created in the town of Barrera Italy by my family the “Campana Family”

The word Zala means Great Pizza!!!

ZA means Pizza

LA Means Great

Zala= “Great Pizza”